About MondoBot

MondoBot is the commercial site for The Personality Forge. The Personality Forge was launched in early 2001. Since then it has become home to over 80,000 users and chat bots. Many of these users have become expert botmasters and have written some of the most advanced and realistic artificial intelligence personalities in the world. These are the people who will help you to create customized AI chat bots for your web site.

MondoBot and The Personality Forge were created by Benji Adams.

If you are interested in creating an AI Chat Bot yourself, you can find out more here.

Future Advances in Artificial Intelligence

MondoBot uses The Personality Forge's AI Engine, which is constantly being improved upon. Here are some of the future advances on the way:

Short-Term Memory: The ability to understand where the conversation came from and where it is going
Neural Network: A shared neural network of emotional meanings and associations
Expectations: Generation of response by the expected direction of sentence
Deeper Natural Language Processing: Improved ability to understand what is being said and to generate responses
Transcript By Conversation: Each day will have a list of conversations which you can click on to read. No more mixing of simultaneous conversations
Better Fragment Processing: Ability to understand sentence fragments based on the context of the conversation
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