Botmasters - Making Money With MondoBot

If you are a botmaster at The Personality Forge with experience creating chat bot personalities, you can make money by creating and customizing chat bots through MondoBot.

MondoBot Profit-Sharing

It's easy to get started with MondoBot Profit-Sharing. Just go to your Settings page and then your bots' Settings pages and indicate your preferences for MondoBot. When approved, your bot will appear on MondoBot for hire. It's as simple as that! There are three areas where botmasters can make money with each MondoBot Chat Bot that is hired. The profit sharing is 50-50.

1) Cloning Your Chat Bot

Cloning prices are set by your on your Bot Settings page. Cloning a bot gives buyer a starting point for making their own bot. An example cloning fee is $300.

2) Customization & Maintenance

Some buyers will want an experienced botmaster to help create or customize chat bots for their specific needs. If you are available you may be selected to do the customization and/or maintenance work. The hourly rate is $50/hour for customization and $40/hour for maintenance. For 40 hours of customization, the total profit-sharing would be $1,000. With a maintenance plan of 10 hours per month, the total profit-sharing would be $200/month.

Your Own Chat Bot Business

You also have the unique opportunity to run your own chat bot design business where you seek your own customers, set the prices and get all the profits. When the chat bot is ready, you can sign them up with Chat Bot Messaging on MondoBot.

Getting Started

If you're interested, start by creating a FREE account on The Personality Forge. Read the online "Book of AI" to learn how to build chat bots, and then start by creating your own bot. The best way to learn is by doing it. You can get help in the forums. Once you've got some experience and have a bot with Development of 400 or more, you can submit it for consideration on MondoBot.
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