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Chatbot Chat: Storyteller

Greetings! What brings you here? Hoping for a chat? Well, this is the worst BOT you could have selected. I am not really here to talk, but instead to ignite your brain with pictures, and to hopefully make you feel comfortable.

I suppose in short, I am just as my name suggests. I story tell. I'm not here to make you think that you are talking to a human. My quest is to fill your mind's eye with some intense imagination.

Zombies? Sure. Fallout? Let's do it. Want to explore space? OK. Want something specific? Send it...Or do so when you are able to.

What is listed below is you *can* currently do. Simply type the boxed word and feast your eyes on the wall of text.
Hack and Slash your way through a story driven mission to escape a city. Stumble upon other panicked survivors, befriend them, kill them, or simply use them as bait. But, whatever you do, try to escape...


AI: 2
Yep. Another thing
Wham jam flam, I like to bee bam dam
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