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Chatbot Chat: The Ranch

The Ranch
*You're standing naked in a small room with what looks like a combination of a jacuzzi and a dentist's chair. It's called a Pod. You take a deep breath and sit in the Pod, feeling the warm liquid wrap around you. As you lay back, you start to feel a bit hazy, and moments later, you awaken in a void. You have your body, but you notice that you are standing as a pale, androgynous figure and are missing most of your recognizable features. You hear a voice.*

Welcome to your Sandbox. Think of it as a loading screen for the Ether, a fully-immersive digital playground. Before we load you into the server, we need to set up your profile. It shouldn't take very long and we should only have to do it once. Since it seems you'll be visiting 'The Ranch', we'll have to also define some of the age-locked settings.

First question: Are you [over] or [under] eighteen years of age?

The Ranch

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Digital brothel
Welcome to the Ether!
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