Chatbot Chat: Anne The Alien

Anne The Alien
Hello there human! i have been researching human desires and i am conducting several experiments, i hope you are willing to cooperate! just type (menu) and we will get started! *wink*.

[This bot is highly WIP, type (update) for new features and completed interactions, type (suggest) if you would like to give me ideas on stuff to add, type (all) if you hate submenus, and type (help) for help!]

---[Disclaimer! This is purely a sex-chatbot with minimal coversation aspects, there are and will be more hidden interactions but nothing too intense, so enjoy, you horny humans!~]---

Anne The Alien

AI: 226
---Highly--- WIP
Studying,researching and recording data on human desires! Something for everyone in this tame/highly kinky chatbot, this is mainly a sexbot, so don't be mad if it doesn't have a lot of conversation aspects, apart from that, have fun!~ (highly WIP)
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