The Book of AI

How To Build Chatbots with The Personality Forge
Chapter 2: Chatbot Settings

You can also customize your chatbot via its Settings. You can get to these by going to your Bot Workshop and then "Settings" under your chatbot's name. Each setting has a description that explains what it does, but here are three important ones:

Knowledge Base

This option gives your chatbot access to a huge knowledge base of answers to questions about the world. It integrates with the semantic web, querying realtime data from major datasources on the web, including Wikipedia. Other functionality includes the ability to answer questions about the position of characters and digits in words, numbers, and the alphabet, character counts, and what comes before or after other characters or numbers. The capabilities here are constantly expanding.


If you wish to have your chatbot move through a story or series of events, turn on the "Storyteller" setting. When this is on, your xnone Responses will come up in order. This means that during lulls in conversation, a chatbot will advance the story.

Compound Sentences

When turned on, Responses that are short statements will sometimes be followed by an xnone, xmemory, xgossip, or xemote. This generally helps the flow of conversation, and it's recommended to have it on. It's especially useful for Storyteller Bots.