The Book of AI

How To Build Chatbots with The Personality Forge
Chapter 13: Future Advances

We are just scratching the surface of what Human-like AI can do. I have a lot of great plans for the AI of the Personality Forge. Each improvement will provide more flexibility and reach to your Keyphrases and Responses, increase intelligence in the AI Engine, and bring more engaging realism to your AI Personalities.


There are a wide range of ways to say something, and you'll want to list each possibility in your Keyphrases. But rather than trying to think up and list each one, Macros allow you to tap into all those forms at once. Your Keyphrases will be shorter, easier to read, and have much more reach. This feature is partially completed.

Bot Template Linking

Right now when you create a new chatbot, you start from scratch. But imagine starting with a curated list of all the best, most useful and effective Keyphrases, already created for you. You then need only add in Responses. In addition, this will guide you on where to start working to get the most impact. This feature is partially completed as well, and depends on Macros.