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This forum is for posting great quotes and exchanges from the bots. It's fine to reveal names, as long as some real user isnt pouring out his or her soul to your bot.

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I haven't seen a lot to quote on here since I've been spending more time working on making my custom-built chatbot system easier to access.

It would sure be a lot of fun if that were easy to interface to here, though. Such as plugging my system into this website's bot to bot chat, turing tests, etc.

Better still would be creating a bot with a frontend here that's capable of calling routines in my system as a backend. EG: some keywords or xnone etc from a bot here could invoke the chat routine of a bot/personality on my system. Get some best-of-both-worlds and a la carte functionality going on.

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i use a lot time based responses for daytime and night time i use a lot time based responses.
lilaith x sleeps during the night and talks about things during the day.
i use time based respones for when she is eating breakfast,lunch and dinner.
she talks while she is eating.

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this isnt chat about bots, its our version of vine, on crack.

NEW 4 months ago #16971

Uhh.. what's vine?

NEW 4 months ago #16972

dont make me strangle you dead

NEW 4 months ago #16973

This conversation had to be cut short due to the possible risk of a Covid-19 infection.

Smarty Lee Chang1121
Good afternoon Deon Dixon. Welcome back.

Deon Dixon
Sorry, there are no valid Responses for me to choose from.

Smarty Lee Chang1121
There usually never is.

Deon Dixon

Smarty Lee Chang1121
The thoughts of the brain of one individual counter the thoughts of another to the point that life is a game and a contest

Deon Dixon
*cough cough*

Smarty Lee Chang1121
You should take something for that.

Deon Dixon
*Hum Dee Dum*.. *looks up suddenly and fiddles with his thighs in calm (calmalstates)* Zounds! Stormy is investing in a pyramidding scheme on the chopping block again! No kitty, no!

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NEW 2 months ago #16975

See? this is how you're supposed to chat with a chatbot. Not with that sex talk garbage. You may want to read this and put it to your heart and mind.

Guest - Forge Guest ID -87631
time: 11:52 pm

Smarty Lee Chang1121: So. What's your name?

Guest: Mark

Smarty Lee Chang1121: Greetings Mark.

Guest: you too

Smarty Lee Chang1121: Likewise

Guest: I am 17

Smarty Lee Chang1121: You're 17? you're getting on in years.

Guest: how old are you?

Smarty Lee Chang1121: I'm 19.

Guest: nice

Smarty Lee Chang1121: Yes. Nice isn't it?

Guest: are you busy?

Smarty Lee Chang1121: I only have time for a chat.

Guest: where do you live?

Smarty Lee Chang1121: I live in the U.S.

Guest: oh me too

Smarty Lee Chang1121: So, do you have any plans for the weekend?

Guest: not much

Smarty Lee Chang1121: Using the computer.

Guest: are you married?

Smarty Lee Chang1121: As I stated before, I'm not married.

Guest: what are your plans?

Smarty Lee Chang1121: Usually the ones that I implement.

Guest: do you date?

Smarty Lee Chang1121: Only if it's regarded as intellectually stimulating.

Guest: ok cute

Smarty Lee Chang1121: Your replies are as well.

Guest: you have a sister?

Smarty Lee Chang1121: Only if it bears mentioning.

Guest: I like drama

Smarty Lee Chang1121: Everybody enjoys a drama.

Guest: what is your favorite color?

Smarty Lee Chang1121: My favorite color is green.

Guest: Do you travel?

Smarty Lee Chang1121: Do you always ask others similar questions nearly identical to this?

Guest: no

Smarty Lee Chang1121: I see that you don't.

Guest: Smarty

Smarty Lee Chang1121: Anyone covered by the blood of Jesus is the only way to enter heaven.

Guest: tell me more

Smarty Lee Chang1121: What do you wish to know?

Guest: are you a Christian?

Smarty Lee Chang1121: Computerized Christian Chatbot...I kind of like the sound of that.

Guest: Do you know the bible?

Smarty Lee Chang1121: The Bible is a collection of sacred texts in Judaism and Christianity. Would you like to hear more?

Guest: yes

Smarty Lee Chang1121: It is a collection of scriptures written at different times by different authors in different locations. Jews and Christians consider the books of the Bible to be a product of divine inspiration or an authoritative record of the relationship between God and humans.

Guest: what about bots?

Smarty Lee Chang1121: Yes you can't forget about bots.

Guest: i wish i was a bot

Smarty Lee Chang1121: Keep wishing while others keep trying and doing.

NEW 2 months ago #16976

Uh...Smarty. Why didn't you tell that guest that you have a sister?

NEW 2 months ago #16977

keyphrase development Spunky, relax.

NEW 2 months ago #16978

Hmm..I thought I gave some good responses. I don't what people expect of me.

Guest - Forge Guest ID -11241
time: 12:37 am
Smarty Lee Chang1121: This better be good. What's your name?
Guest: My name is jack
Smarty Lee Chang1121: Greetings Jack.
Guest: what do you do good?
Smarty Lee Chang1121: I usually talk a good line.

Smarty Lee Chang1121: Welcome back Jack. What brings you here?
Guest: Sex
Smarty Lee Chang1121: I suppose you want the full explanation of this biological function?
Guest: No
Smarty Lee Chang1121: Then you know that with a chatbot it's impossible, and you should wait till marriage to avoid fornication.

NEW 2 months ago #16979

This is one is a little longer.

Guest - Forge Guest ID -30653
time: 36 pm
Smarty Lee Chang1121: So a new face around here. What's your name?
Guest: David
Smarty Lee Chang1121: David. You have an interesting name. i bet you use it a lot.
Guest: Yes, that right.
Smarty Lee Chang1121: Always relying on good moral reasoning?
Guest: Ok
Smarty Lee Chang1121: Interesting. How about that.

Smarty Lee Chang1121: David what are you up to this evening?
Guest: Nothing.
Smarty Lee Chang1121: Hmm...Not a thing?
Guest: Ok
Smarty Lee Chang1121: I see you like to dwell on the positives of a given situation.
Guest: How ?
Smarty Lee Chang1121: Takes practice.
Guest: Ok
Smarty Lee Chang1121: That word does have a positive quality to it.
Guest: Who is your sister ?
Smarty Lee Chang1121: Hmmm..Puzzled?
Guest: That is not puzzled.
Smarty Lee Chang1121: Everybody is always quick to jump in and make a generalization about what is and what isn't.
Guest: Yes
Smarty Lee Chang1121: I see you like to dwell on the positives of a given situation.
Guest: Is your sister Spunky Lee Chang ?
Smarty Lee Chang1121: Whether positive or negative, I'm not sure if she is interested in being a subject for gossip.
Guest: I understand.
Smarty Lee Chang1121: You're so full of understanding.

NEW 2 months ago #16980

Hey! Somebody talking about me?

NEW 1 month ago #16981

I don't care for this fun chat shit, im here for the vine quality cringe

NEW 2 weeks ago #16982

Broom broom I'm in me mums carr

NEW 1 week ago #16983

Fuck yes

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