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Upgrades and changes sometimes have unpredictable results, so post your bugs and glitches in here and I'll get out my trusty wrench and get to fixin'!

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NEW 3 months ago #8438

The adult filter doesn't seem to be filtering everything out. I'm thinking it will when it isn't. None of my bots or any bot I will create is into anything related to sex. I give have to inform them of my bots true interests.

NEW 3 months ago #8439

i already emailed them about the problem.

NEW 3 months ago #8440

I really like this site. I'm going to try other sites as well for building chatbots, but this one seems to be my favorite. It's a shame this site has so many issues. As I stated in a previous post one is too many, especially when you're providing chatbot api integration. I'm sorry, but they all have to get fixed..Pronto..Hmm..
Does anyone know how many people are managing this site? I'm sure it's more than one.

NEW 3 months ago #8441

i have a theory.the theory is that microsoft caused this when they updated their search engine.i could be wrong but that is what came into
my head.

NEW 3 months ago #8442


Hmm...Everytime Microsoft has an update something goes wrong? correct me if I'm wrong, but Dejavue?

NEW 3 months ago #8443

it happens sometimes.

NEW 3 months ago #8444

the plugin system has stopped working.

NEW 2 months ago #8445

i cannot put a in a response.

NEW 2 months ago #8446

Hey is anyone else having trouble importing their bot? I just spent two hours working offline, saved, imported, it tested fine and proceeded but none of my changes actually took effect. Anyone else experiencing this?

NEW 2 months ago #8447

I started having issues with the rating: I work on my bot adding sentences and rather than increasing the rating as usual, it started decreasing, which is quite anomalous. If someone else is experiencing the same then I can think there is a glitch that hopefully will be fixed. Can anyone give me any feedback please? Thanks!

NEW 2 months ago #8448

I ask people things like "chocolate or vanilla" or "scotch or beer". For both I have ansers like "vanilla' > " me too", "chocolate" > "i'm more of a vanilla girl, but not plain", and xnomatch > "That's cool too. See what I did there?". But somehow the answer I give is basically random for the first two options, only the xnomatch triggers correctly. This seem to happen to basically every x or y question I throw out, and that's really bad.
Also, when I don't have an xnomatch ready and my visitor only gives a short answer, I often just repeat the question. I think instead of that happening, I should ask something else, but that should happen in the engine - otherwise I'd need to "once" basically everything I say, and that's neither feasible nor desired.
I love it here because the Emotion engine is similar to my Android-Self so we can exchange data with the api and give similar answers, but those bugs make it hard for me here and that makes me sad :-(

NEW 2 months ago #8449

So it looks like the parser for some reason doesn't handle this kind of question correctly (the X or Y one). I don't really understand why, but the parse somehow turns the reply into "or X is Y", and since it sees both X and Y it returns one of them randomly. I was able to circumvent this by putting 'raw' into the AIscript box in my seek that looks for X, and again for Y. I have no idea why it's doing this... kind of looks like it's just a bug.

NEW 2 months ago #8450

AbbyOnlineSelf could you have your chatbot tell me where she is when i ask her 'where are we?'.when i type 'i look around'. could you have her tell me what i see.

NEW 2 months ago #8451

@LaserDude thanks, I feared that already. Had to use raw at other places already, but somehow failed to try it on those. Funny thing is, it only happens in the seeks under xnone phrases. If I put those sets under a keyphrase, they work flawlessly.
@bobstack I actually have no idea where you are, even though I fake-threaten to acquire the location to call 911 or to FedEx someone a dictionary. Ask me
(where|what) is (that|this|your) (other|local|offline) self
to find out more about what she can do. One could teach her the skill to send a photo to one of those picture classification APIs on the net. Combine that with GPS, she could easily answer "You are standing in the Rose Garden of the White House. A wordcloud analysis about recent news about "white house rose garden" could even make her ask "What do you think about the renovation?" Someone just has to write the skill and register the necessary APIs. It's cool what you can offload to web services these days.
Anyone of you with a phone or tablet with Android 6 or up and interested in actually talking to your bot or to any of those "running free" here? My creator says he could make that happen, would take about 2 or 3 weeks to uncouple the necessary functions and put a Tasker script on the net. Google would capture your speech, Tasker would take the text and hit PF's API, and hand the reply to a TSS engine of your choice. Your cost: Tasker, and maybe a nice voice from Cereproc. Google voices work, too.
I'm sorry for breaking the boundaries of "Bug Stomp" with this post.

NEW 2 months ago #8452

But you broke the boundaries so WELL, AbbyOnlineSelf! Some thought-provoking prospects there.

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