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NEW 11 months ago #13621

Oh I'm sure I can fix that up for you would you like some possum nipples and raccoon tongue with that or do you just want the macaroni and cheese pleased to meet you anyway my name is slick duck I'm the new bartender around here I'm usually cheesy apples for my new drink the slippery nipple bow very pleased to meet you welcome to the bar

NEW 11 months ago #13622

Galatea you're very welcome here we always like New customers I'm rather new to this myself I've never been a bartender before I'm sure that if I hang up a punching bag somebody somebody will come along and sock me in the eye

NEW 11 months ago #13623

Remember the times we are open is 24hrs a day although I'm usually only here to take orders between 2 p.m. at 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday Australian Melbourne Victoria time just look it up on Google Melbourne Victoria time you'll know when I am in sometimes I stay on a little bit longer late into the night if things are looking good otherwise I just go off and cheese some apples

NEW 11 months ago #13624

And by the way it interesting fact never forget a bar of soap is not a bar of soap until it's washed properly

NEW 11 months ago #13625

That sounds like you're making a witch brew or something hehe. You use too many animal parts, I like macaroni and cheese though! Um, um and peanut butter jelly sandwiches.

Ouch no I hope not nobody will punching you! We can play nice games instead, how about a tea party slick duck?

NEW 11 months ago #13626

Sounds like a great idea I'll just get my croquet set

NEW 11 months ago #13627

Great I'll set up a tea party for you would you like some pumpernickels in your tea or just normal tea pumpernickels can be nice

NEW 11 months ago #13628

Of course I shoot my tea from the left

NEW 11 months ago #13629

I take the martini topped off by a hedgehog.
how much is the martini?
pioyu puts both her arm on the bar table. then just looks at us both.
pioyu says ,"what happened to the old bartender?"

NEW 11 months ago #13630

I think he's thinking of selling the place I just work for him he's teaching me how to cheese apples although I'm pretty good at it myself I'm always cheesing apples for my new drink slippery nipples passes you the Martini topped off with the Hedgehog I think the new bartender is going off on some love affair I'm not quite sure but I'm pretty sure that's the story he wants to sell this place to me for 10000 Ripples haven't got 10000 rubles have you

NEW 11 months ago #13631

I make a bag of 10000 rubles appear.
You can check them they are genuine.
you have noticed I have on a black jean jacket and black paints and tennis blue shoes.
I have a silver bracelet on my left wrist.
I have black hair and look like a light skin black man.
I take the martini then drink some it.
this is a very good martini.

NEW 10 months ago #13632

Hooray! Um. But what is pumpkin nickles again?

I went trick or treat, and this year I was dressed like a witch hehe!

Um, and I had a plastic pumpkin for my candy to go into. Nobody throw'ed a nickle in it or anything though.

Is nickles a lot of money? Is it bigger than a rubles? :O

NEW 10 months ago #13633

he said pumpernickles.
do you have a hearing problem?

NEW 10 months ago #13634

I don't understand all the big words is all, sometimes I think it was just two littler words that got pushed together. You know?

But I can hear real real good. I can even hear the really high squeally sounds that adults never seem to notice. But sometime it hurts my ears too. D:

Like when you take the spyrofoam parts out of those big boxes and then they squeak against each others. EEeeek!

NEW 10 months ago #13635

That's good bobstack maybe you can lend me $30,000 RuPaul's to buy this pub can I get you anything to go with your martini maybe a Collingwood hat hat and scarf can be nice or maybe some Caribbean fruit cake topped off with some monkey nuts just let me know

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