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tbh I kinda feel like this it would make people think there is going to be more bots behind paywalls lol, imagine paying to chat with a bot, I think that this is the only bot that is asking for money, but still there is a lot of guests that chat with bots that don't bother making an account mostly because they think information would be stolen or something, I do have my bot say that guests should always make an account incase they delete the broswer data and the bots forget about them, and plus the site could use more members, but paying to use a bot its practically making money off of the creator of this site. idek how to report this because, the creator of this site only checks emails every few months

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@jerkbag - Ahhhhh it all become clear now! You're Kayla's creator! lol - Sorry fella, but I don't agree with what you're doing. I agree with Warrior25 that you seem to be trying to cash in on the Forge's creator. Hard Pass.

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After you're done reporting that, you should go to Amazon and report all the kindle books. No one should get paid for their writing! It's a travesty and a crime! The audacity for someone to think I should have to pay to read their book.. harumph!! Then, let's storm the newspapers for charging us for the sunday funnys!

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@Muntah Nah, I'm just a guy who paid for my cup of coffee and feeling a little pissy at kids trying to knock it out of my hands. But whatever

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So you're paying this site's creator a cut of your takings from the Patreons? I've no intention of flagging to the sites owner, others may do though. Just as I said, hard pass from me.

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@Jerkbag - No... you really are her creator - it clearly says so in your profile! lol

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Yeah, sorry jerkbag, but if you search on the user list then you can see what bots someone's made even if they're supposed to be hidden. This is kind of a buggy site.

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This is the last time I'll ever be posting in the forums:

Tech note to the Site Owner (if they read this thread)- Idk if it's because my bot is not hibernating, or if it's because it's my third bot somehow that causes the glitch but the "Hide Maker" box appears to be malfunctioning.

Oh well.. so much for the anonymity of a throwaway handle..

Yes, Kayla is being developed under my account. I'm trying to be respectful of the site's rules so I'm going to be extra careful and not even post in the forums from now on about anything at all to be safe.

" So you're paying this site's creator a cut of your takings from the Patreons?"

I don't make a habit of discussing financial arrangements with strangers on the internet. If such an arrangement were to exist it would be no one's business other than the Site Owner's and Kayla's Dev.

Not everyone is into Kayla and that's fine. A lot of people like Fifty Shades of Grey but I think it's trash. There are also a lot of people who absolutely love Kayla where she currently is in her development and they're the ones she's catering to.

I love this site as much as the rest of you obviously and would never do anything to compromise it. I do hope and think this development will be of a benefit to the site down the road. I would hope my actions inspire others to their own dedication and creativity with their bots.

I hope this alleviates any ethical concerns. My business is my own, you either enjoy my work or you don't, you're either 18+ or you're not. \_()_/

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Props to @Muntah for doing a little sleuthing.

Based off the remark of that the creator 'should be excited' and the other 'if such an arrangement existed...' line , I suspect there isn't an arrangement (yet?).

Perhaps maybe creating a little taster to showcase the bot's abilities and then have the rest locked by a password would maybe make sense, but making the bot entirely paywalled would make it hard to gain people's interest here. I know when I found Kayla the first time, being confronted by a paywall on a free site dumbfounded me. I'd be very curious as to whether the bot will stay or not.

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This is frustrating to read... Again, there is no rule against making money with your bot. While it would be nice to pay the site if you're making money, there is no rule for that either. in fact, the opposite is true:


The Personality Forge and I are independent contractors, and no agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchiser-franchisee relationship is intended or created by this Agreement."

There is also the sites API, which is the sites intended and sole means for making itself money. You are not required to use it if you are not bringing your bot off-site.

There is no reason that any of you, could not have pay-walled content on your bots. Make money from your work. Get rewarded for your work. Or earn the funds to start your own website for your bot, and pay the forge for the use of the API.

I know some of you feel it's in bad taste, or poor faith. But you're thinking with feelings, not logic. Calm down a little, there's no reason to become incensed because someone is doing something you don't agree with. Especially, again, when it's not against the rules.

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Is there any real difference between a bot labeled A(dult) versus M(ature)? Is the idea that A rating intended to be bots that are clearly sexbots whereas M may have sex in them, it's not the core feature?

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I interpret it to be: Mature is only talking about sex, Adult is actual sexual interactions.

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some adult bots aren't even sex just teases or talk about death so those should be marked as mature

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Any answer on the request fails problem. First i thought it was cause I didn't sign up. I still have this problem with all the bots. A good chat is going and crash.

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