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What do you need an any for in AIScript? if you're checking to see if a variable exists/is set, then a response with that variable in just won't trigger if it isn't. You could also initialize the variable to something like default, and have 'if (mem-memname) is not default'.

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well atm im trying to do a name change from (any) word/words said. the xnomatch lets the seek find any answer, but from what i can tell the aiscript needs a target. post ,pre ect.. iv tested pretty much every (plugin/wildcard) i could think of to try and use what ever the seek recived >.< as (meminfo) but nothing seems to work. and it just ends with a xnone . it may not be necessary but it could also be pretty useful for responses with out needing any matching keys while still using the kp in the response.

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I think that (key1) should be what you're after. Ask name, then have xnomatch seek with rem name as only (key1). Maybe have a seek for my name is as well, using postkey. Not used that for a while, though, only similar stuff in my bot was changed to use regex to ensure it gets a number, I think.

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did you try every one of these
on this webpage.

these scripts on this webpage are used to retrieve memories to attactivate a particular response.

NEW 3 weeks ago #7644

iv clearly misunderstood how keys work.. thought they were used as gotos in AIScript Initialization.. using key1 as the aiscript target worked perfectly. thanks for all the help. ill probly be back on here soon though lol

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Alright! lol noticed during debug instead of using the kp its matched to the bot repeats what was said. looks like the kp is however correctly selected as the response?

Total Rank: 26.9
Rank this needs to beat: 0"

but it just bounces my statement back at me. any ideas?

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pretty sure it was just a mis-labeled goto, from one of my tests, somehow causing it to loop back..not sure how but yeah.

ok so think im almost done with the bare basics? maybe? lol
since my programing knowledge is just barely enough to understand concepts ill probly need to come back. lol

is there a way to have the bot use numbers for numbers instead of words? ex: 1 instead of one

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you can use 1 in a keyphrase if that is what you mean.

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mainly for responses. the bot tends to spell out numbers. so it says "one" but I want it to say "1"

also is there a way to organize kp and seeks by there connections? like I have a larg list of seeks and seeks for those seeks then added more to the base kp but the new seeks are put to the bottom of the list for that category/kp in the Language Center. which is not to bad but I feel like its going to get confusing pretty fast when I start adding content.

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you cannot change how that works.

NEW 3 weeks ago #7650

you can use goto response to reuse responses.
here is a webpage for it.

NEW 3 weeks ago #7651

yeah iv already started making some hard gotos for seeks but still gona get crowded fast, and since its listing them at the bottom even for a new base seek ima end up fking up at some point lol just added a new response to a base kp its like the 30th down even though its a base response to the original kp lol
ugh.. i also need to decide how to set up my boy/girl test.

sucks about the numbers but its not a huge deal just thought id ask, so thanks for the rply.

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laviat you will have to keep trying to get better.

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laviat you should look at the transcripts in the build menu then try to respond to what people say to your chatbot.

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