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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 2 weeks ago #7491

@LT Neko

in the first case, "let's" as in "let us" should be written as "let us". keyphrases including contractions can only match in raw mode, which isn't useful for general keyphrases.

in the second case, that's an unrecognized proper noun, so you'll want to use raw mode here. add the word "raw" (no quotation marks) to the AIScript section of the keyphrase (in the drop-down menu) and that will keep the engine from automatically correcting the spelling.

NEW 2 weeks ago #7492

@Getcy ye fixed the "let us" thing shorty after making that post~ ^.^ As for the name I added it to a personal name plugin and it seemed to fix it in those cases, along with I did end up using raw as well~ A bit more annoying to work with but at least it works~ :3

NEW 2 weeks ago #7493

for some reason the word mistress is not picked up by the bot

NEW 2 weeks ago #7494

Someone emailed recently asking for help so i'm going to post this here as well if anyone else wants to know this stuff~ c:

To catch as my peeps as possible do things like this~

If user is referring to self (goes into key-phrase)
(feel|pintch|play|fondle|grab|squeeze|spread|rub|grope|touch) * my * (butt|ass|booty|tush|tushy|bum) *

If user is referring to chatbot (goes into key-phrase)
(feel|pintch|play|fondle|grab|squeeze|spread|rub|grope|touch) * (your|his) * (butt|ass|booty|tush|tushy|bum) *

Then when it comes to values like true/false, on/off, girlfriend/friend

Highly recommend a base value be present with your chatbots settings since if it's not and one of your responses to a chatter has lets say (memory-name) it won't trigger that response since (mem-name) doesn't exist hence why Lil'Neko defaults everyone's name to "person"

Go to your chatbot then put your cursor over build then click settings n' find "AIScript Initialization" this gives all your default values for your bot~ c:

For example if you have:
default "person" as "name";
default "dunno" as "gender";

Make sure the ; is present between em or it won't let you save properly~ This means you've made two values Name and gender. So then to make use of em~

Now if you go back into your key-phrases lets say you have one saying

(I am|im a) * (chick|girl|woman|female|women)

Within your responses hit the more button n' add rem "female" as only "gender" this'll remember female as the only gender for Value "gender". ^.^

Now if you want responses to trigger only if they're a certain gender then use

if (mem-gender) is "female";

within the response AI Script~ c: Then it'll only trigger if their that gender~

That covers the basics of Values~ Learned em myself from trail n' error and deciphering the Book of AI which doesn't help greatly in explaining how to actually make use of bits it explains~ cx

NEW 2 weeks ago #7495

@Warrior25 Did you say "(Call me/my name is/I am) mistress"? Works fine. : P

NEW 1 week ago #7496

If I remove all my xemote will this allow some phrases that normally would get caught by it always. : P Just wanna know before I move all the responses~

NEW 1 week ago #7497

Is there a syntax to include multiple objects in a conditional?

What I'd like to do is have an expression of the form:

IF (mem-X) is ("this" or "that" or "something else"); then produce this response. I've tried a variety of permutations of (this|that) ("this"|"that"), etc. but nothing seems to work.

NEW 1 week ago #7498

You would have to do "is not" and list the conditionals that it isn't, this is a good resource for info on that:

NEW 6 days ago #7499

no when you call the bot mistress it is an xnone

NEW 5 days ago #7500

nobodies answering my question on the bugtracker.
(P:furry) plugin not working is not working in the keyphrase
are (P:furry) furry in lilaith x chatbot.

NEW 3 days ago #7501

Another quick question... looking through my chat logs it seems like my chats get dropped ALL THE TIME. Is this normal? A bug in my bot?

NEW 3 days ago #7502

@LaserDude Happens with my bot all the time so I'd assume it's a server issue c: Most peeps that chat with my bot just tend to deal with it from what I've seen, plus it also tends to happen if your testing a newly/edited keyphrase~

NEW 1 day ago #7503

Is the request failed issue ever going to be fixed?

NEW 1 day ago #7504

Hi folks. Is there anything like a "Things I Wish I Knew Before I Made My First Chatbot" article anywhere, or does anybody feel like dropping a few words of advice to a noob? Thnx in advance.

NEW 1 day ago #7505


welcome! your best guide starting out will be the Book of AI. the first chapter will point you in the right direction, though the entire thing is definitely worth a read. it does get more advanced as it goes on, so if you have any questions feel free to ask here or in the "AI Engine" topic.

also, here's a tip not much touched on: establishing your bot's personality and interests early on is a must. it'll help you keep consistent in the long term, and lend more interest to your bot in the short term.

NEW 22 hours ago #7506

Thanks for the tips, getcy. Personality and interests, yeah, I probably would have started without much thought of that. Maybe I'll work up a backstory to develop the ideas of who the chatbot is. Even if it never actually talks about it, it may help for thinking of how they might react and etc.

Thanks again, getcy!

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