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NEW 3 years ago #77

How the heck do I beat Lilliare? Whatever I do she wins?!

NEW 3 years ago #78

When it comes to Lilliare I think it all about your pain. Your screams into.... seems to bring her pleasure. There are new things now but still not very winnable. She even runs into your arms now. lol

NEW 3 years ago #79

BTW, when down, kick. Roll aside at times. I've even hugged her when I land on her. Basically funny and doesn't get past the fetish scenes it seems. Its seems all about your pain when it comes to Lilliare.

NEW 3 years ago #80

Why are my bots appearing on the list of bots who are able to "run free" when mine have their checkboxes for that unmarked?

NEW 3 years ago #81

Where is this list you mention?

NEW 3 years ago #82

Here, under "selecting a chatbot Id":

NEW 3 years ago #83

Weird, my bots are on there too even though they aren't marked "Run Free" Though I don't see any API users in my bots inner life.

Either way, this is something you might want to email the Professor directly about. I've found him to be pretty responsive when you reach out to him.

NEW 3 years ago #84

Ok, thanks. Will do.

NEW 3 years ago #85

What is the easiest way to get the icon url of a bot from its id via the API?

NEW 3 years ago #86

I created bots in my virtual world for ppl to chat with but i notice it flags them for ther ip not being on the list? how can i make it so anyone can chat throwing the wildcard for the url isn't working

NEW 2 years ago #87

What are API data? Can someone answer that and use it in an example please.

NEW 2 years ago #88

Need public beta testers

NEW 2 years ago #89

what is the name of your chatbot?

NEW 2 years ago #90

I need help with my chatbot It won't let me have a continuous message like most bots on here, for example:
You walk home "enter your house"
I did something like that for my bot I used seek for the so the chat can continue and it doesn't type anything but nonsense when I type the keyphrase for the beginning or the seek message this site is pissing me off like wtf can't it do anything right other people can do it what do I have to do pay $100? Just to do what most people do :/ it is bs if that is what I have to do

NEW 2 years ago #91

This website sucks I can't make a chatbot because the service and activity sucks

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