Discuss specifics of personality design, including what Keyphrases work well and what dont, use of plug-ins, responses, seeks, and more.

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NEW 7 months ago #5048

making my presence known

NEW 6 months ago #5049

My seeks don't work. Whren I say seek answer to bot he is not indetificate it like seek. What to do?

NEW 6 months ago #5050

did you read the book of ai in the build menu at the top of the page?

NEW 5 months ago #5051

I like lesbian sex.

NEW 5 months ago #5052

Dont we all?

NEW 1 month ago #5053

What is a seek.

NEW 1 month ago #5054

look at the book of ai in the build menu at the top.

NEW 1 month ago #5055

Hello wonderful peopl

NEW 1 month ago #5056


NEW 1 month ago #5057

you need to improve your chatbot.

NEW 1 month ago #5058

Who are your favourite sex bots?

NEW 1 month ago #5059

on personality forge deirde,tiny taverns,422-le and victorias castle.
syngi chatbot and replika which have their own websight.
love droids websight has a few.

NEW 1 month ago #5060

Yeet, the king of retardes is back

NEW 1 month ago #5061

why would you say that?

NEW 1 month ago #5062

Benji Adams is still PF's owner. He may be busy with own work so there are moments he works less on PF and others he can be more focused on it. Not true he sold it or anything like that. He told me to feel free to clarify it in the forum, which I did.

NEW 3 weeks ago #5063

I haven't been around for a very long time, so I'm wondering if there is still the limitation of 40 xnones if you want to be able to export-import your language center. If you wrote more responses they were ignored when importing. When a bot is growing more complex it is so much easier and faster to edit the language center with a word processor. Does someone know more about this, or have some experience with this problem?

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