Artificial Intelligence Anywhere

With MondoBot and The Personality Forge, you can create custom artificial intelligence chat bots for your web site, desktop application, mobile app, chat network, text messaging, robotic toy, or anything you can imagine. Our API lets you to interface with your chat bots in any manner you like, or you can use an optional Flash version of your chat bots which can be easily dropped into a web site with a few lines of code.

The Chat Bot API

Introducing our brand new Chat Bot API. Personality Forge chat bot personalities can now be easily integrated into any application via our Web Service API for The Personality Forge & MondoBot. Your imagination is the limit. Integrate text-to-speech, voice recognition, emotional expressions, and even send physical commands to a robot or toy. It's all controlled by the personality you create (or we create for you) at The Personality Forge.

Web Sites, Text Messages, Robots, Toys
Desktop Applications: Apple OS X, Windows, and Linux
Mobile Apps: iOS and Android
Chat Networks: Jabber, AIM, Apple Messages, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Skype, IRC, ICQ, and more
Displays: Trade show or advertising displays and kiosks

Chat Bot Functions

Entertainment Information Service Adult
Popular cartoon, TV, or movie characters, story-tellers, parodies Topic experts, teachers, tutors, news & weather reporters, answer bots Customer service, sales agents, site guides, survey takers Suggestive or explicit, straight, gay, bi, fetish, girlfriends & boyfriends
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The Allure of Chat Bots

Chat bots have an incredible ability to keep visitors on your web site. It's not uncommon for someone to chat with a more advanced bot for 30 minutes or more. More time on your site means more familiarity with your characters, products and/or services. And since the bots can personally remember things about those they chat with, they will recognize someone who returns to your site and greet them by name, and can inquire into things they said on their last visit. These bots can inform, amuse, survey, advertise, direct, and more. Entertainment Chat Bots amuse and entertain, and keep people coming back, making your site a fun and attractive place. Information & Service Chat Bots can answer questions and guide people to what they need. Adult Chat Bots can provide a service of their own. Or we can build a chat bot that can do all these things. It's up to you!

A World of Possibilities

There are endless things you can do with AI Chat Bots. Bring a character from a book, movie, TV show, cartoon, or comic book to life. Give a voice to your company mascot. Quiz visitors about any topic, or send them on treasure hunts for information across your site. Create a chat bot to answer frequently asked questions about your site and offerings, and direct people to the page they're looking for. Having a chat bot on your site is like having an employee working for you 24-7, 365 days a year, and for only the smallest fraction of the expense and none of the paperwork.
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