Information Chat Bots

Information Chat Bots are specialists in certain topics of information. They can act as teachers, tutors, guides, news reporters, weather reporters, and experts in any field. Generally these bots are good at conversation and bring things back to their topic of expertise from time to time.

• Topic Experts • Trivia Masters
• Teachers & Tutors • Technical Specialists
• News & Weather Reporters • Answer Bots

When creating your own custom chat bot, you can either choose to "clone" an existing chat bot to use as a starting point, or you can start a new bot without any existing conversation ability and have it built from the ground up. When selecting a chat bot to clone, you want to choose one that's as similar in personality to the bot you want built. To find out more about specific chat bots, select one from the column on the left and click the link below it. You can also find out more about starting a new chat bot without any existing conversational ability here.
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