Chat Bot Message Rates

This is the subscription to the Chat Bot message streaming server, used by the API and Flash interface. If your chat bot reaches the limit of messages in your plan, you can opt to have additional messages automatically added to your plan or have the chat bot stop sending messages.

  Puff Breeze Gust Storm Gale Hurricane
Messages/Month 500 4,000 10,000 30,000 90,000 300,000
Messages/Day * - 133 335 1,000 3,000 10,000
Monthly Pricing FREE $20 $50 $150 $430 $1,368
Discount - - - - 5% discount 10% discount
* There is no daily limit to the number of messages- just the monthly limit.
Additional CPK (cost per 1000 messages): $8

Chat Bot API Documentation - see how it works

Get Started Now on The Personality Forge

Chat Bot Creation

Build your own chat bot for free, or hire our artificial intelligence experts to do it for you.

1) FREE - Build It Yourself

You can create your own chat bots on The Personality Forge. You build personality from the ground up. You can use our existing Bot Templates to get a head start on your chat bot, which provides a framework designed by an experienced botmaster. Coming in 2013 is the Combined Bot Template - the best of the best templates, which will speed up development for new chat bots enormously.

2) Chat Bot Authoring Services

If you'd rather leave the chat bot creation to the experts, we are happy to help you. Here are some options open to you:

Clone An Existing Chat Bot

This is the fastest way to create and advance a chat bot. Choose one of the bots for hire most similar to the personality you want to have. That Chat Bot is cloned and added to your account. Then change the name, details, and customize the bot's personality and responses as desired, or hire our artificial intelligence experts to do it for you. A botmaster sets the one-time cloning fee for their bots.


This is an hourly rate ($50/ hour) paid to an experienced botmaster for building or customizing your chat bot.

Flash Face Customization

If you want to use the flash interface, you can use the Flash Face Builder for your chat bot, or have us customize your bot's face. If you provide vector art of the face you want, the cost is $500. If you provide a flat image or description and would like us to design and then convert the face, the cost is $1000.

Maintenance Plans

Maintenance plans are prepaid discounted hourly rates ($40/ hour) for an experienced botmaster to review your chat bot's transcripts and make improvements to their ability to converse and answer questions.

Custom Solutions

The Chat Bots, API, and Flash interface can be customized to suit your needs.

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