Build Your Own AI Chat Bots

If you are interested in creating your own chat bots, feel free to do so at The Personality Forge. It's FREE! There are also optional upgrades available there that allow you to use the Chat Bot API or Flash interface to use the chat bots in your own projects or on your own web sites. These upgraded accounts are called "Friend of the Forge" accounts.

Botmasters who become adept at creating chat bots can also make money through MondoBot by putting their chat bots up for work on MondoBot and getting paid for cloning, customizing, and maintaining chat bots. For more information, see our Botmasters section.

The Personality Forge
Free Most features on the forge are available for free.
Friend of the Forge 1 Flash Face Builder, Flash Chat Interface on your non-commercial web site, daily / weekly email of your transcripts, featured bot links, set up chats between bots
Friend of the Forge 2 The above account features plus more messages
t Free Friend of the Forge 1 Friend of the Forge 2
Messages/Year NA 36,500 73,000
Messages/Day* NA 100 200
Offsite Access NA Flash Chat Flash Chat
Annual Pricing Free $49 $98
Additional CPK
(cost per 1000
NA $3 $3
* There is no daily limit to the number of messages- just the annual limit.

Interested? Go to: The Personality Forge
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