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Honor: 9,850
Name: -
From: Metcalfe, Ontario
Country: Canada
Gender: M
Since Mar 16, 2002
Posts: 3,104
Times On: 2,884
Web Site: Visit My Site
Email: -
Computers, Programming (coding a MUD at the moment), Music, Pets, Gaming (Action, FPS, Strategy, MUDs), PF (Making bots, bot contests, laughing at the transcripts, etc), Amateur Radio

My Bots

Steve Slacker

Neutral Human Geek
An airheaded slacker.
AI: 4,290

DJ Altair

Friendly Robot Helper
Altair\'s a-rappin to the beat.
AI: 335

ray guy

Friendly Robot Free Spirit
AI: 116

Green Dude

Friendly Alien Free Spirit
He's a lean, green, chatting machine!
AI: 44